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Why Danro

At Danro, our core belief is that the most important aspect

of working with a tradesman is that they are trustworthy & reliable.

You have a hard time as a Montreal resident when it comes to finding new trades. Most people go through references.

We highly recommend that is the best way to find any tradesman. If your friend knows a good tradesman, explore that option first!

But not everyone has that luxury.

That’s why we want to remove as much of the risk as possible for you if you think we might be the right company for you.

We do this by giving you more guarantees than anyone else:

Perfect Finish Guarantee

Perfect Finish Guarantee

You are promised a perfect finish and that’s what we’ll deliver.

If, for whatever reason, you spot a small spot that needs a touch up after we’ve left, we’re happy to fix it at zero additional cost.

You get an unlimited number of touch-ups for 30 days after the job is done.

Price Lock Guarantee

Price Lock Guarantee

You need to know how much you have to pay.
The last thing you want is a cowboy bidding low to get the job, and then jacking up the price after he wins the business.

That’s why, at Danro, the quotation price you get from us is the price you pay.

If the job costs more than we quoted, the difference comes out of our pocket.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand that hiring a new tradesman can be risky. Especially in Montreal.

That’s why we want to take away all of your risk and guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work.

There is no down-payment for jobs under $5,000*.

On Time Guarantee or we pay you!

On Time Guarantee or we pay you!

Respect for you and your time is crucial to our business.

That’s why for every day we show up even 1-minute late, you get 10% off the job price.

So if we show up 2 days late, you get 20% off.

We are pretty confident you won’t find that deal anywhere else. 

24hr Response Guarantee

24hr Response Guarantee

You are busy and your life doesn’t stop moving.

You need to get an idea of how your project is going to take shape and that means you need to hear from us quickly.

That’s why we guarantee to respond to any request within 24hr.

*On jobs larger than $5,000, we do require a 30% down payment

Cost Savings Guarantee

Cost Savings Guarantee

You benefit from all our material purchasing discounts.

We get around a 15-20% discount on materials.

Unlike other plasterers, we pass these savings on to you rather than mark up our costs.

Giving your home the respect it deserves

When it comes to getting work done on your house, there are certain trades that deliver a big benefit when you find reliable people: electricians, plumbers and plasterers/painters.

For electricians & plumbers, it’s worthwhile going the extra mile because electricity and water are two elements that can seriously do harm to your house & your family.

Improving them delivers the biggest return on your investment.

But they are both elements of your house that you can’t see
and they often don’t get the same respect they should.

Your dream renovations

Plastering & painting is different. They are often part of your home renovations or repair. Where you want things to look more beautiful.

You dream several years at a time when it comes to these projects. It’s important that the final portion of your project guarantees that you come home to a space that makes you feel good to live in.


A space that gives you a sense of pride that you’ve done things right.
When you hire us you can expect us to deliver that space to you.


You are guaranteed a high quality plastering job to ensure the walls are perfectly smooth. And if you need the walls painted we are more than capable of delivering a perfect finish. We may not the cheapest, but we are definitely the most reliable service in town.

When you hire us, you can expect perfection – no brush marks, no bumps in the wall & corrections if they need to be done. And we are confident that you will be satisfied with having your expectations for the job met.

Is Danro a good fit for you?

At Danro, we’re committed to getting your renovation project finished, stress-free.
We may not be the cheapest service in town, but that’s OK – we’re not for everyone.

Danro MAY be for your if…

You are looking for a trustworthy and reliable plaster & paint specialist.

You want to get residential work done on your home.

You are an experienced homeowner who wants to feel good in the space where you live.

You see the value in doing the job right.

You are looking for someone to reduce your stress and mental load by managing the entire job for you, so you can focus on the important things in your day-to-day life.

You want someone to keep you in the loop about any problems that arise.

You want the job done in a specific timeframe by people you can trust with predictable results.

Danro is NOT for you if:

You have a commercial project.

We are focused on residential clients.

You are looking for a quick, cheap & dirty job to quickly patch over the cracks.

You don’t’ see the value in spending money on the final layer of your house that you’ll be looking at for the next 5-10 years.

You are not an open an honest individual.

We are very particular about who we work with and we expect the trust and reliability to go both ways.



Again, Danro may not be for you…. if you want to minimize costs by getting the quickest and cheapest job out there, then Danro is not the company for you.

But for some of you, Danro will be able to provide predictably perfect results to greatly improve the quality of your home.

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