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With Montréal’s Only “Price-Lock” Guarantee

Avoid drywall contractors who use tactics to drive the price up, ask for “price-lock” guarantee, no extra!



Why Our Customers Choose Us

You Won’t Get Guarantees Like This Anywhere Else In Montreal

Perfect Finish Guarantee

Perfect Finish Guarantee

Price Lock Guarantee

Price Lock Guarantee

100% Insured & licensed

100% Insured & licensed

On Time Guarantee or we pay you

On Time Guarantee or we pay you

24hr Response Guarantee

24hr Response Guarantee

Now, you can get the high quality, professional interior finish work your home renovation deserves, for a whole range of services, including:

⦁ Drywall installation
⦁ Drywall plastering
⦁ Drywall plaster repairs
⦁ Plaster crown molding repair & reproduction
⦁ Stucco (popcorn ceiling) removal & installation
⦁ Interior painting services

Quality – Professional – Clean – Reliable – Pleasant – Efficient

CAA-Quebec Approved Residential Suppliers



⦁ Five business days is the minimum time interval for a job to be scheduled to start from the moment when the quotation is accepted by the client.

⦁ We do not do touch-up work nor we continue jobs started by other contractors.

⦁ We have a fixed price/square foot (for new drywall). If already installed, has to be done professionally (full drywall sheet installation, interconnected), if not, it will take us more time to finish the job and will be charging extra.

⦁ We DO NOT take on jobs where the metal corners have already been installed; the quality of the job depends on the installation.

When you have to hire a Plasterer

You choose your home because you fell in love with it, but like any relationship, cracks and faults start to appear over time.

Maybe electricians banged holes in your walls, figuring that because plastering isn’t in their job description they don’t have to make your walls look nice again.

Maybe you’re tired of seeing the same unscrupulous, dodgy service contractors in your searches, the ones who should never be trusted with a home renovation project.

Or maybe the time has just taken its inevitable toll by using natural forces to shift and move parts of your home that need to be put back in place.

Your home is your sanctuary and your haven. And you deserve nothing but the best.

When you have a dream that needs to be turned into a reality, only top-quality home renovation projects are acceptable.

What Can Be Yours

Walls are meant to be perfect and smooth – no lumps, bumps, holes or divots, just an even surface that’s uniform and smooth.
And for the walls & ceilings in your home, not even one tiny imperfection will be present.

They’ll be smooth and flawless because, for Danro, that’s the rule, not the exception.

We have a team of professionals who understand what it means to:

⦁ Respect Your Vision
What you ask for is what you get, and the job will be done perfectly down to the smallest specification.

⦁ Respect Your Time
We don’t give vague promises of maybe being there in a window of time. When you book Danro for a specific time, we’re there 10 minutes early – always.

⦁ Respect Your Schedule
You’ve got your own life that shouldn’t be paused for a plastering project, and it won’t.

⦁ Respect Your Home
Your home will always be left in great condition once the job is done so you will never be able to tell Danro plasterers were ever there (except for your amazing new walls and ceilings).

How We Work Our Magic

It’s not enough to just read how the Danro process works, you should see physical evidence, too.
See how we’ve transformed the living spaces of other people with our plastering craft.

The Methodology of Our Craft

For most of us, our home is the single biggest physical investment you’ll make in your life, so it’s important to know as much as possible about a home renovation project before starting one.

Learning the basics of how is especially important, because it lays the foundation for almost everything else in your home.

With Danro, every step has been carefully thought out both in terms of quality and effect, and what it means is the same amazing result each time.


Project & vision understanding
This is the most important step of the process, and it’s where everything begins and ends with you.

One of our most valued qualities is excellent communication, so we’ll take all the time that’s needed to sit down and really learn what your home’s vision is.

Work estimation & quoting
The most sensitive part of any home renovation project is the cost, and we’re highly tuned into how much you want to keep money in your wallet. This is why we’ve developed a thorough consultation and estimate process so that once we quote you a price, that’s it. This figure will cover all the work we’ve talked about and it’ll never go up. And if the project does require more service or materials, then the solution is simple: we’ll pay the difference. With that in mind, we do a thorough job on every single aspect so there are no surprises down the road, and we deliver the fairest quote in the greater Montreal considering the quality price rapport.

Co-ordination & scheduling
If there’s one thing you can never get back in this world, it’s time. We understand just how valuable it is to you and we’ll never waste it. If we say we’ll be there on a certain day at a certain time, we mean it. And even more, we’ll be a few minutes early.

There are no “windows” or time frames in which our van may or may not pull up, just a rock-solid appointment that works for both our schedules.

Household protection & area preparation
We have a checklist of home protection points and the job doesn’t get started until everything’s think through. It’s things like moving furniture to the center of the room, covering it with protective sheets, removing socket covers, laying ground covers, and using masking tape to protect the necessary surfaces.

Because of this crucial first step, Danro ensures nothing in your home will be marked, dirtied or damaged.

Plaster repairs
Perfection is Danro’s philosophy, and it’s something we apply to your walls and ceilings. When we’ve completed the job, there’ll be absolutely no bumps, nasty holes, hollows, dings, dents, and cracks in the walls.

It’s like magic.

Surface preparation
No plastering job is a one-stop shop, as there are many different steps and procedures to consider. But the most important of all is preparing the surface area to work on so the rest of the job goes smoothly. The surfaces will be well prepared to get rid of dust and dirt and then lightly sanded.

Plus, if we see that the surfaces to work on needing a coat of primer before being finished, we’ll go ahead and take that extra step at no extra cost to you.

Paint application
Our plastered walls will look amazing and flawless when they’re done, but they still won’t be in get together-hosting shape.

They’ll need to be painted before that happens, and we can give you a free consultation for that. Our consultation includes choosing the brand name of paint to use, the quality, the finish and colours, and our “Perfect Paint Job” guarantee means you get unlimited touch-ups (for a period of maximum 30 days).

We’ll go back – for free – until you feel the job is done, all in the name of keeping those surfaces looking as perfect as they need to be.


Many contractors go into homes, do their jobs…and then just leave. They don’t clean up their work site, leaving you with an unwanted mess in your home. But for Danro, we make everything looks like it did before we arrived: we put back switch covers, reinstall socket plates, fasten electrical fixtures, put your furniture back, and clean your floors until they’re sparkling. We will give you back your home so you can live in the peace and tranquility you deserve.

Tell Us About Your Job


Ross O’Lochlainn, Environmental Engineer, Plateau

“My girlfriend moved into a new place and the walls were pretty cruddy looking. It was a real eyesore and I knew that just putting a fresh coat of paint wouldn’t do much to improve it. Danro came in and worked their magic. All the walls were fixed with the holes, cracks and bumps were all gone. And the job was done before I knew he started! A+++”

Isabelle Roumagnac, NDG

“Danro really work hard. They arrive early, there efficient and they show up on Saturday.

You can really see how organized and trustworthy they are”

Marc Corriveau, Nun’s Island

“When you hire Danro, you can expect perfection. No brush marks, no bumps in the wall and if corrections need to be done, they will do it. The best way to describe Danro is that when they did the walls, not only were they perfect, but behind the kitchen cabinets were perfect. Even if you don’t see it, it is done perfectly.”

Montreal’s Most Trusted & Reliable

Residential Dry Wall Installer, Plasterer & Dry Wall Repair Specialist



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